Why does My Skin Look Like Trash? Hard Water Vs Soft Water! 💧💦

What the heck is Soft Water & Hard Water, ever wonder? 🚿

Lets Break it down in Video Form But here are some Notes I took that summarize some facts about Hard Water & Soft Water.

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Hard Water: Waters concentrated by minerals , mainly calcium, iron and magnesium picked up by rocks, metals and soils.

Soft Water: Waters that have not been processed through minerals and/or soils. Examples of soft water would be rain water or temporary soft water such as boiled water.

Sodium Stearate :  Soap Molecules/ Sodium Salt/ Stearic Acid

or in lamer terms SOAP .

Sodium Stearate mixed with Hard Water is what causes your bathtub, sinks & sometimes silverware  to collect that slimy residue called Lime Scales.

These Insoluble Compounds in hard water not only form on hardware but imagine what it does to your skin!🧠 This is why people with skin conditions such as eczema ,scaly skin ,acne ,chronic itching or dermatitis have wild outbreaks.

Your hair is also affected causing it to be brittle, dry, damaged or can also cause colors to fade.

so how do u avoid this? well im glad u asked ! alobien brings you this amazing miraculous water filter ....(vinyl scratch🥁😵💊). Just kidding, come back, we arent selling anything here. We bring you nothing but the facts in this article ....📰

There are Water Softner Systems, Filters and Ion Exchange Resin Filters you can buy for your entire homes water system or for your sinks and showers alone. Im getting one myself but don't wait for me to review it just do it, definitely worth it. Your skin, body and overall health will thank you for it and they are not that expen💲ive- totally worth it! 

video: explains it perfectly by showing you how Sodium Stearate 👈🏼

(who remembers what that means?) reacts to Hard and Soft Water baby!!!

press play ⏯

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