Corona Virus Here to Stay?😷 The New Seasonal Flu?

so check this out,

conspiracy or what?

Definitely Not. Check Out these Videos of 1st hand whistle blowers and citizens who have been at ground zero  and have 1st hand account of whats really going on. 

Please Watch, you Be the Judge and make sure you share.

Comment your thoughts. Id Really Like to know if its just me, must i break out my tin foil or is there more to this than they want us to know. According to Miles Guo , the multi millionaire, anti CCP , Chinese Tycoon being interviewed by Steve Bannon says The Corona Virus was man made to depopulate and as a biochemical weapon. He goes on to say that what we are being told is just Propaganda and lies. These are crazy times were living in. Watch, be the Judge and Share!🤝🏽



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